First Stash Grinder with a secret smell-proof storage compartment!

Cannabis Grinder Grinder with secret Grinder with storage comparment Smellproof Grinder Stash Grinder Storage Grinder

We all know a typical Grinder, but you haven't seen something like this special Model before!

We released the first grinder with a built in smell-proof and waterproof stash compartment. The compartment can be found if you screw off the lid on top, this is not only the perfect hiding place but it's also very practical since you have a grinder + smellproof storage combined into one product.

This Grinder even comes with two exchangeable blades, so you can decide if you want your outcome to be ground really fine or rough. 

Stash Grinder with storage compartment

For this grinder we came up with a special blade design so you can throw alot of material into it, no matter if its dry or not, this grinder will shred through your material like butter. This blade design will make zero mess whilst grinding and it also makes sure nothing will fall out whilst using it. We even built in a Nylon O-Ring to prevent metal-to-metal contact for smooth and noiseless grinding.

The top and bottom part of the Grinder are built to fit together, so you can simply screw them together and your grinder can then be used as a Storage Box.

This Grinder can be completely dissasembled, so you can easily wash it and clean it.

NV Stash grinder review

Some Benefits of this Grinder:

  • exchangeable Blades (rough & fine)
  • Strong Magnets
  • smell-proof Storage compartment
  • waterproof Storage compartment
  • Top and Bottom part can be screwed together - convert into a big seperate storage container
  • elevated magnet design to prevent clogging or blocking.
  • Special Design to make zero mess while grinding.
  • Capable of grinding alot of material at once.

Um ein Unbezahltes Review von Nureinblatt (deutsch) zu lesen klicken Sie bitte hier!



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