Grenade Grinder + Vacuum Box | Bundle
Grenade Grinder + Vacuum Box | Bundle
Grenade Grinder + Vacuum Box | Bundle

Grenade Grinder + Vacuum Box | Bundle

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Product description:
Grenade Grinder (original price: €42,90)
Material: anodized aluminium
Color: black
Diameter: 65mm / 2,48"
Height: 60mm / 2,16"
+ Medium Vacuum Box (275ml) (original price: €9,90)
Material: plastic
Color: random
1x Grenade Grinder, 1x Medium Vacuum Box (275ml), 1x Pollen Scraper
Shipping time:
2-7 days
Grinder Product details:
    • Grinder with glass spyhole
    • Designed in austria.
    • Magnetic Pollen Screen for super easy cleaning.
    • Thin poly ring for smooth grinding and less friction.
    • Specially designed teeth for perfect results.
    • Razor sharp teeth.
    • Powerful magnets holds the lid tightly shut to avoid waste.
    • Perfect grip.
    • Ships from austria.
Vacuum Box Product details:
    • Perfect for sotring your herbs without letting anyone smell it!
    • Smell-proof
    • Airtight
    • long-lasting
    • Built-in vacuum lock system
    • handy


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