Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm
Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm

Stainless Steel Grinder V.2 - 4-piece - Ø63mm

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nv grinder

NV STEEL Grinder
Highest Quality Stainless Steel
Diameter: 63mm /  Height: 49mm
Weight: 420g
1x Stainless Steel Grinder, 1x Scraper, 1x Cleaning Brush
1x Bumper Ring and/or 1x Protection Case
Product details:
  • SMOOTH USAGE - A thin plastic ring positioned between the lid and the opposite part ensures a smooth grind, eliminates squeaking, and minimizes friction.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN - Each of the 27 curved blades is intricately designed. This guarantees a smooth and efficient grinding experience.
  • RAZOR SHARP BLADES - Our blades are precisely machined and designed to increase the volume of your material during the crushing process. This results in a more voluminous and perfectly crushed material, facilitating easier rolling and smoking. The enhanced volume also unlocks optimal airflow and flavor during smoking. Material ground with this grinder is likely to burn evenly and slowly, contributing to a more enjoyable and consistent smoking experience.
  • BEST RAW MATERIALS - The NV Steel Grinder V1 is crafted from 100% high-quality stainless steel, and the pollen sieve is also constructed from stainless steel.
  • SECURE CLOSURE - Strong magnets ensure the lid is tightly closed, preventing the loss of valuable contents.
  • PERFECT GRIP - The indentations on the Lid and Bottom Part guarantee an unmatched grip, enhancing the feel of this grinder in your hand. Bid farewell to slipping and relish a comfortable and secure grinding experience.
  • SPACIOUS COLLECTION CHAMBER - Your ground material effortlessly gathers in a large, easy-to-access chamber. Enjoy the covenience of ample space for your herbs, making the collection process simple and efficient.
  • EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE - Cleaning becomes a breeze as every component of the grinder is designed for easy disassembly and quick, hassle-free cleaning.
  • ENHANCED POLLEN COLLECTION - Our grinder is equipped with a pollen mesh, which was designed to isolate and sift highly concentrated pollen. This feature ensures that the precious pollen effortlessly falls into the collection chamber, where it is gathered for your convenience. Experience the excellence of our grinder as it effortlessly separates and preserves the potency of your pollen, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your herb-grinding experience.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN - Easily transform your grinder into a compact 3-piece unit by removing the pollen filter. Simple disassembly allows you to customize the size to suit your preferences, providing a convenient and adaptable solution to meet your grinding needs.
  • ENDURING QUALITY - Crafted for a lifetime of use, this grinder is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring unparalleled durability. Its robust design stands the test of time, promising longevity and resilience. Cleaning is a breeze with the added convenience of easily using isopropyl alcohol, maintaining both the form and function of your grinder effortlessly. Invest in lasting reliability with our stainless steel grinder.


  • Bumper Ring for Optimal Extraction - The Bumper Ring is a must-have for those who prefer tapping their grinder parts for complete material extraction. Crafted to protect your grinder from damage during this process, the ring provides additional grip for effortless grinding. Moreover, it offers extra knockback, facilitating easier material removal. Elevate your grinding routine with this thoughtful accessory.
  • Durable Protection Case - Safeguard your grinder with our durable Protection Case, designed to shield it from scratches and external elements. Featuring a convenient handle for easy portability, the case is equipped to accompany you wherever you go. The handle is detachable for added versatility, ensuring a seamless and protective travel solution for your prized grinder.

Customer Reviews

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Hans Dieter
Super Qualität

Seit ca. 2 Monaten in gebrauch und immer noch Top zufrieden.
Gewinde etc. Top verarbeitet.
Liegt super in der Hand und durch den Rand hat man sehr guten Grip.
Der Grinder macht was er soll und läuft dabei sehr angenehm und geschmeidig selbst wenn er Randvoll gestopft wird.

Klasse Produkt, super Kundenservice!
Ich würde mich noch über ein größeres Modell freuen 🤗

loving it!

Ohne Anstrengung werden die Kräuter super fluffig, fast wattig. Das hatte ich noch mit keinem anderen Grinder!

Werd versuchen etwas Moosgummi drunter zu kleben, dann steht der Grinder auf dem Tisch und ich dreh entspannt den leichtgängigen Kopf. Mal schauen ob das klappt..

Edel der Stahl

Solide Mühle, sehr gut verarbeitet und richtig scharf. Mahlt einwandfrei. Sehr gleichmäßiges Resultat mit gutem Volumen. Hier wird nicht gequetscht, sondern sauber gehäckselt.
Klare Kaufempfehlung.

Excellent Grinder

Very solid build quality.