"Hybrid Supreme Filters" - Ø6,4mm - 55 pieces
"Hybrid Supreme Filters" - Ø6,4mm - 55 pieces
"Hybrid Supreme Filters" - Ø6,4mm - 55 pieces

"Hybrid Supreme Filters" - Ø6,4mm - 55 pieces

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We all know activated carbon Filters, but many of the filters available on the market are clogging after the first few hits. The housing of this innovative 4-part filters is completely made out of cellulose and inside one part of the filter you can find the finest coconut shell activated carbon. The interplay of these 2 filter materials prevent your roll-up from clogging and they also give your roll-up a perfect taste! Another nice Feature is that the mouth part of the filter is hollow to cool the smoke down even more.
Product description:
activated coconut carbon Filters combined with Cellulose
Carefully crafted in Europe.
Hybrid Supreme Filters
Perfect tip size for rolling

55x Hybrid Supreme Filters⠀⠀⠀

38% less pollutants*
16% less nikotin*
up to 99% less carbondust*
100% Tasty

Product details:
    • Double filtration (coconut shell activated carbon + cellulose)
    • Cellulose + activated coconut carbon filtration
    • Hard paper shell for easy rolling
    • Tip Sized
    • Specially designed filter for cooler and better tasting smoke!
    • Filter System prevents clogging
    • Never seen before Filter System!
    • Perfect taste!


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    *as conventional active carbon filters

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    Tim Sulza
    Zu geil

    Die übertreffen einfach alles!!!! Und kein unerwünschter Beigeschmack beim Rauchen.