The best Stainless Steel Grinder ever!

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A Grinder is part of almost every stoners equipment nowadays, but aren't you also bored of badly made grinders that break quickly? So what is the best and most durable Grinder out there?

Well, we have an answer to that question - It's a stainless steel Grinder!

Aslong as you won't loose this Grinder it will last forever.

Stainles Steel Grinder Our stainless steel surface is unbeatable in any aspect and your weed won't stick on it as much as on an aluminum Grinder.

We built in a Polyester O-Ring into the lid to prevent steel on steel contact and to ensure smooth and noiseless grinding.

Even the pollen Filter is made out of stainless steel to ensure lifetime durability.

Every Steel Grinder comes in a nice Box with a black protective pouch and a scraper for your precious pollen.

Black Leaf Stahl Grinder

The magnet we are using is super strong and we elevated it to ensure this Grinder will never clog or block like others do.

If you feel like this Grinder is too big for you you can simply take out the pollen screen and convert it into a smaller, 3-piece version of this grinder.

For this special Grinder we made a completely new blade design to give your ground weed more volume and to get the best out of it! We even made a special "oval" design for the holes where your weed falls through to ensure a perfect outcome!

It's available in 3 different sizes.

NV Steel Grinder

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