Why and How to use a Grinder?

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What is a Grinder

What even is a Grinder?

A weed grinder, also known as Shredder, Crusher, or Mill, is a small device designed to break down cannabis flowers into smaller, more manageable pieces. This tool also helps you to shred your material without making any mess or making your hands dirty. 


Sometimes using a grinder isn't a choice – for products like vaporizers, one-hitters, and bowls/bongs it’s necessary that your material is ground up, because air can easily pass through the material, ensuring a more efficient and even combustion or vaporization, ultimately enhancing the overall experience and maximizing the effects of your chosen material.

There is a lot you need to know about Grinders, this is why we made this Blog article, it will guide you through all the important aspects of choosing, using, and maintaining grinders. From understanding the various types available to providing insightful tips on maximizing your grinder's potential, our blog article is your go-to resource for everything grinder-related. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a beginner, we've got you covered with comprehensive information!


Various Grinder Types for all types of Material

What are the benefits of a Grinder?

There are many reasons why grinders are part of every stoners equipment:

Producing a smoother smoke & better flavor - Grinding unlocks all the wonderful tastes and aromas that your favorite strain has to offer.

Making your joint burn slower & controlled - Grinders ensure a uniform particle size, leading to an even and slow burn + enhanced flavor during consumption.

No mess & no absorving through your skin - When using your hands to get the weed ground you loose alot of THC Crystals (Trichomes) since they will stick to your hand instead of going into your joint!

Collecting Kief - Some of our grinders come with a pollen screen + pollen chamber which allows the collection of kief - these are trichome crystals that contain a high concentration of cannabinoids. Over the time, you can accumulate a stash of potent kief to enhance your cannabis experience.

Easier Transportation - Weed takes up less space if you grind it; this also makes it easier to use the material while you are on the go. Grinding cannabis not only reduces its volume, making it more convenient for storage, but it also enhances portability and accessibility, allowing for a smoother and more efficient experience when you're on the move. Whether you're rolling a joint or loading a vaporizer, the ground material is more manageable.

Saves you money - Ground Weed is more potent than whole buds, this means that you don’t have to use as much to feel the same effects. This will definitely save you money over the time!

Saves time - Grinding your weed or herbs into usable pieces can be done three times faster than it would take you to do it by hand, and without losing any of the precious material! Using a Grinder is way more efficient than other manual methods.


Different Types and Materials of Grinders.

Now you know about the benefits of a Grinder but before you can find the perfect Product for you there are a few more things to consider. As you may have already noticed we have a lot of different Grinder Types and we also use various high quality Materials to manufacture our Grinders. Our Grinders are available in all compositions for various preferences and needs. Our extensive selection ensures there's something for everyone.


Various Types we offer:


4-piece (With Pollen Mesh)

Different Types of Blades (rough or fine outcome)

Aerospace Aluminium

Stainless Steel

Ceramic coated (Non-stick)


Whats the Main difference between a 4-piece and 2-piece Grinder?

4-Piece Grinders provide a comprehensive grinding experience with the inclusion of a pollen screen, ensuring that finely ground material falls seamlessly into the collection chamber. The distinct advantage lies in the variety of blade shapes in these grinders; some result in an ultra-fine consistency, while others offer a slightly more coarse texture, catering to individual preferences.

On the other hand, 2-Piece Grinders grant you full control over the grinding outcome, allowing you to determine the desired fineness or coarseness. This flexibility ensures a personalized experience, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


How To Use A Weed Grinder?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a grinder:

  1. Prepare the Material and Load Your Grinder- Remove the lid and place your buds in the top chamber of your grinder. If the buds are too big, break them into smaller pieces. Do not put your material in the middle of the grinder where you can see the magnet, as this is where everything pivots. Anything placed in the center won't get ground, and your grinder may start to block.
  2. Grind Your Material- Hold the grinder securely and rotate the top and bottom chambers in opposite directions. The sharp teeth within will effectively grind the cannabis into finer particles. For optimal results, refrain from exerting excessive force; instead, rotate the grinder smoothly. Additionally, ensure that the lid is positioned correctly to prevent any potential damage to the grinder's blades.
  3. Tap That Grinder- Before removing the lid from either collection chamber, gently tap your grinder against the table or the palm of your hand. This action aids in dislodging the cannabis into the collection chamber and encourages more kief to pass through the screen. If you employ our Grinder Protection Ring, you can ensure that tapping your grinder won't result in any damage, providing an extra layer of safeguarding for your valuable accessory.
  4. Collect Your Cannabis- Detach the grinding chamber from the collection chamber and carefully scoop out your freshly ground weed. Exercise caution to avoid damaging the screen, especially if you're using a four-piece grinder. In the initial grind, you might not accumulate much kief, but rest assured, it will gradually accumulate over time!
  5. Enjoy!- Enjoy your new & way better smoke experience!


How much does a long-lasting Grinder cost?

While some smokers might initially hesitate due to the upfront cost of a grinder, the long-term benefits make the investment highly worthwhile. Skimping on a grinder is not advisable, as poorly made ones tend to break quickly and may even contain metal scraps or other manufacturing remnants that could be harmful if smoked.

At our store, each product goes through hand-quality checks to ensure flawless grinders are delivered to our customers. This commitment to quality guarantees that your investment in our grinders will provide a reliable and safe cannabis grinding experience.



Tips for using a Grinder.

Hold your Grinder straight - Many people tilt their Grinder or even hold it upside down whilst grinding. This is very bad for your Grinder since the ground material gets in between the lid and this causes a lot of friction.

Put a coin in your collection chamber - This will build up more kief and help knock the kief through the screen into the pollen catcher. Make sure that you clean your coin before!

Put the Grinder in a freezer for 15 Minutes. When freezed your grinder you can get all the precious pollen off your grinder way easier. If you are using a 4-piece Grinder and you want some extra kief simply  leave some ground material in the grinder. You can then shake the Grinder once you take it out of the freezer and the coin will generate some extra high concentrated Kief.

Optionally, you can also purchase our Grinder Protection Ring, which functions like a bumper, ensuring that your grinder won't sustain damage while in use or during transportation.

Clean Your Grinder: Regularly clean your grinder to maintain its efficiency and prevent residue buildup. You can do so with our grinding brushes.



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