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⚠️ 420 DEAL 🎁 Order any Grinder and get another Grinder for FREE!! (1+1) [Maximum 1 Free Grinder per Order]🎁 Shipping Worldwide! 🌎
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Why buy a ceramic Grinder?

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Many of you may ask yourself - why spend extra money on a ceramic coated weed Grinder - will it be worth your investment it in the end?

Well if you are looking for the perfect grinder with alot of features & a non-stick solution to grind your weed or herbs - that's the way to go!

Ceramic Grinder

Here are a few more reasons why choosing a ceramic coated Grinder is a good idea:

Our special food-safe ceramic coating makes sure that leftovers of the ground material wont stick to your Grinders blades, like on regular ones.

The ceramic coating fills every single (for your eyes not visible) tiny crack on the aluminium surface, where normally leftovers would remain sticking and clogging. This also leads to almost no friction whilst grinding and perfectly ground material.

Ceramic Grinder Weed

Another nice feature of the coating is that if occasionally something remains sticking, you simply place new sticky Material into your Grinder and the new material will take along most of the lefotovers of the old material, so your ground outcome will be even more concentrated and your Grinder will stay clean (Self-cleaning)!

This Grinder Model is even washable and will look like new after this process - no more toxic chemicals needed to get your Grinder perfectly clean! The included cleaning brush also delivers insane results without using any water, thanks to the ceramic surface.

In our Manufacture we are using highest Quality anodized aluminium which gets coated with our 100% food-safe, non-stick, ceramic coating.


For this specific Grinder we are using a Stainless Steel Pollen-filter to ensure durability and the grain size also delivers perfect results.


We even innovated the Blade Design on this Grinder for easier grinding and maximum performance.
Ceramic weed grinder                           

It also comes with really strong Magnets to make sure no Material falls out and  to hold the lid shut.

Our pollen catcher is rounded which gives you access to every single precious pollen and prevents sticking in the corners. 

Every ceramic Grinder has a built-in Poly "O" Ring which guarantees no friction between the Lid and the counterpart. It also prevents metal-to-metal contact!


If you are worried about the size - it's convertible into a 3-piece Grinder. Simply take out the pollen filter and put it back together to have a smaller & handier version of this grinder.

Included in every Ceramic coated Grinder is a Cleaning Brush, Pollen Scraper, Glass Filter for rolling and a protective pouch. Aswell as a 1 Year Warranty which you most likely won't need thanks to its durability.


Locally designed in Austria


Tipp: How to wash your ceramic coated grinder:

  • Remove the no friction ring before washing it with hot water otherwise the O-Ring might melt.
  • Wash your NV-Ceramic coated Grinder with HOT water
  • Try shaking the water off.
  • Dry it off using a fan (low heat)
  • As a final touch we recommend you to clean it with a soft cloth.
  • It will look like new after this proccess.

Our customers love our ceramic coated grinders!

Ceramic Grinder




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