Best Weed Container + How to store your weed

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What is the best Weed Storage Method and what do you need to know about storing your weed?

Before we get to the best weed containers we have some upfront Information for you to keep your weed fresh!

How to store your weed













If you don’t want to smoke harsh-tasting and really weak weed that was once really good - we have various solutions for this problem!


Are you still using plastic baggies? 

If you have a few nugs in a plastic baggie, you’re doing it wrong. You risk crushing your buds, removing the potent trichomes( THC/CBD) from the bud and making your weed less potent.

What makes your weed weaker




What makes my weed less potent and weak?

  • Light 
  • Air
  • Moisture
  • Temperature

    To protect your weed from the various external forces that work against it, we recommend an airtight container. There are plastic airtight containers aswell as glass and aluminum ones.


    The top of the Container should be capable of sealing it like all of our Containers. 

    Weed stored in an airtight container, optionally, with a humidity pack in a cool, dark place should stay fresh and keep its potency for months to come.

    make sure to store seperatly - If you have more than one strain to store, use separate containers. Each strain has its own unique characteristics and the best way to maintain the uniqueness is to store the strains in their own jar. You also should not store your tools like a Grinder in the same container as your weed! 


    Our Weed Containers:

    Every Stoner knows this Problem - stinky weed!

    We have various storage solutions to solve this stinky Problem and to keep your buds fresh!


    Canna BoxAluminium Canna Box

    This Storage container is made out of anodized aluminium and it's shaped like a puck. It is smell- & waterproof and perfetly sized for your pocket thanks to its shape! There are 2 sizes available.

     > click here for more information (Big Size) <
     > click here for more information (Small Size) <


    Vacuum BoxVacuum Box

    This Storage container is available in 3 sizes and perfect to take anywhere! It comes with a special Vacuum Lock System which is 100% waterproof & smell-proof.

    > click here for more information <



    Storage Tube CannabisAluminium Storage Tube

    This Storage container is made out of anodized aluminium and comes with a built-in rubber ring, which makes it smell-proof and waterproof. Nice size to carry it with you!

     > click here for more information <




     Joint Case AluminiumAluminium Jay Case

    Our Jay Case got made to carry pre-rolls with you. When putting in prerolls you simply put them into the lid and they will hold tight in there so you can easily take them out again! This container has a built-in rubber ring to guarantee that it's smell-proof and waterproof!

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