The first washable Grinder!

How to clean your ceramic coated grinder:
  • Wash your NV-Ceramic coated Grinder with warm water
  • Dry it off with a fan using low heat.
  • As a final touch we recommend you to clean it with a soft cloth.

    The results are unbelievable - the majority of the unwanted dirt/leftovers is gone after this process!
    Quick cleaning can be done using the included Cleaning Brush which also scores perfect results.

    Ceramic coated Grinder:

    Reduced friction whilst grinding
    - Our special NV-ceramic coated grinders are designed to reduce friction and have the best possible grinding experience.
    No sticky leftovers
    - The coating fills every small aluminium gap which makes it feel really smooth and protects the grinder from unwanted sticky leftovers.
    No need for chemicals!
    Your health is important! - Using chemicals to clean your grinder like many do is really unhealthy. Once you cleaned your grinder with chemicals you will never get it completely off of it because it gets deep into the small aluminium gaps and the next time you are using it you will smoke leftovers of very toxic chemicals.
    - That's why you can wash this grinder with ease, also without using any chemicals thanks to its ceramic coating! Read the instruction above if you want to know more about cleaning it.

    Included Cleaning tool
    Easy to clean; also comes with a cleaning brush.
    Easy to downsize
    -Convertible into a 3-piece Grinder; simply take out the pollen filter and put it back together to have a smaller version of this grinder.

    Long lasting
    Designed to last even longer than just normal grinders thanks to the ceramic coating and its features. Perfect for the daily smoker but also for everyone else!

    High Quality Aluminium
    - Every single one of our grinders is made out of hard, anodized high quality aluminium which ensures long-lasting durability.

    Perfect shaped teeth
    - Our razor sharp diamond shaped teeth are designed to make the perfect fluff every time!

    Powerful magnets
    Powerful magnets hold the lid closed to avoid waste and friction.

    No metal on metal contact
    - Every Grinder comes with a built in Nylon Ring which prevents metal on metal contact and makes grinding even easier! 

    Optimized pollen filter
    - Optimal pollen catching with our pollen filter.

    No sticking in the corners + tool
     - Our Pollen catcher has rounded corners so all your pollen are easy to access with the included pollen scraper or even with your finger.

    Health friendly
    - No toxic Teflon or PTFE like on other grinders

    Included carrying pouch
    - Easy to take your Grinder anywhere with the included velvet pouch.

    Locally designed
    - Designed in Austria